Welcome to the Official Site for Adriana Camposano. You may recognize Adriana from one of her numerous print campaigns such as Parents Magazine and Vogue Bambini or from her Kindness Counts PSA on Sprout. Here you will find all the news and up to date information about this talented young actress. For Industry Professionals looking to learn more about Adriana, please click on her name above for an overview of information.


31 Aug 2014
Back to School with Macy's and Kohls
All throughout the summer, we've been seeing back to school advertisements on television for clothing, supplies, and more. As families are preparing their kids to head on back for a new school year, perhaps you have seen a familiar face among the advertisements. Adriana had the opportunity to shoot for Macy's and Kohls for their Back To School campaigns!

Adriana looks as though she had a great time on set with Macy's! She looks like she's having fun and her expressions are awesome! Pictures of the advertisements that she's in have been added to the gallery!

For Kohls, we have a behind the scenes video! Adriana was featured in a skit titled Imagination on a Roll, which featured children having fun and using their imagination. This video, which is about a minute long, looks like it must have been so much fun to film! Adriana and the other children look like they are having a blast! Please be sure to visit the BEHIND THE SCENES page to see this video! In addition to the video, a print of Adriana for Kohls has been circling around. Be sure to check it out!

Posted by: Katie

02 Aug 2014
East Coast USA Pageant
In addition to doing work for television, commercials, and print, Adriana also enjoys walking the runway. She has done several runways over the past few years, but last month she had the opportunity to take her runway talents to the next level and compete in her first pageant! She was in the East Coast USA Pageant. It was a fun and exciting time for Adriana and her family. She took the stage and did her best! The opportunity in itself was amazing, but what made the experience even more incredible was that Adriana took home Mini Grand Supreme! WAY TO GO, ADRIANA!!!

I am so happy to be able to bring to you pictures of Adriana's pageant experience. Each and every picture showcases the fun that was had that day. She even had the chance to include some of her dancing and cheerleading talents! From her gorgeous purple gown to her fun and casual red, white, and blue themed outfit, it is clear that Adriana truly enjoys what she does!

Also, with a thank you to our friend Stacy, I am also able to share some behind the scenes images of Adriana with her friends who were also at the pageant.


Posted by: Katie

21 Jul 2014
Simplicity Patterns
It is very exciting when Adriana books a new job, but do you know what is even more exciting than that? It is when that job is released! Earlier this year, Adriana shot for Simplicity Patterns. I am excited to say that an image from this shoot has now surfaced! This looks like such a fun job to be a part of! Adriana is all smiles as she poses all dressed up!

In addition to the actual print image, we have two behind the scenes images of Adriana. She is all dressed up in her outfit for the shoot, and still full of smiles! It looks like this was such a fun day on set!

Posted by: Katie

15 Jul 2014
Hello and welcome to the OFFICIAL SITE of ADRIANA CAMPOSANO! At nine years old, Adriana has quite an impressive resume. She officially joined the industry in 2011, and since then she has been in several different commercials and guest appearances in television shows, as well as in over 90 print jobs! Her talents do not stop there, as she has also had voice over experience and runway experience.

You might recognize Adriana from her guest role on the popular Netflix series, Orange is the New Black. She has appeared in commercials for companies such as Amazon, AT&T, Kohls, Geico, Macy's, and Target. It is also quite likely that Adriana could be a familiar face to you from her numerous print works for companies such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Kohls, Lord & Taylor, Macy's, and Vogue Bambini.

This website will bring to you the latest news, images, and media on Adriana. As you navigate around this website, you will be able to learn a little more about her and see her extensive resume, which continues to grow! The gallery will feature pictures of Adriana in the work that she has done for television, commercials, print, runway, and press. You will also be able to find a collection of the photoshoots that she's done , as well as some special treats of behind the scenes images as she's been doing her projects, and candids of Adriana out and about and with family and friends. There's even a special section in the gallery featuring some pictures of her little brother, Alex.

Be sure to stop on over at the guestbook to leave a message for Adriana and her family! We love to hear from everyone!

I'd like to thank Adriana and her family, as without them there wouldn't be a website for Adriana! I look forward to seeing this site grow with all that Adriana does. I'd also like to thank Marie of Frontier Designs for designing the wonderful layouts that are featured on here. The main site layout features pictures from Adriana's incredible photoshoot with Martelli Photography. The gallery includes fun pictures from her photoshoot with Olesja, and she is pretty in blue in her guestbook layout which showcases photos from Photogenic Images.

Our first update is featuring her Martelli Photography photoshoot. Some of these photos are not only featured on the layout for this website, but you can also see some on the sidebar and throughout the pages on here. It is a small sampling of the AWESOME photoshoot that Adriana did. I am so excited to be able to share the full shoot here! You can definitely see how much fun she had! Her personality and energy definitely shined! She even spent some time with her friends during the photoshoot fun! Head on over to the gallery to take a look at all of the photos!

Posted by: Katie

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