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13 Apr 2015
Lily of the Feast
Adriana had an amazing night this past Friday as she got to see her first film on the big screen! She was so excited to attend the cast and crew screening of Lily of the Feast, get to see some of her co-stars again, and see how the film came together with the final project. There were lots of photo ops that evening with those in attendance, a very nice reunion for everyone. It was an incredible feeling for her to see herself in the movie she was watching, her name in the end credits, and we all are so proud of you Adriana!

The movie was filmed last year, to which she plays the role of Angelina. She had a great time on set, the cast and crew were wonderful to work with, and she learned so much from her co-stars while filming her role. Behind the scenes images have also been added to the gallery, thank-you to everyone on set for making this experience one she'll always remember!

Last year, Adriana also attended the wrap party for the film. It was a really fun party as the cast and crew celebrated the completion of filming the movie. She was inseparable from her good friends Lucy, Josie, and Ellie, and what was really nice is that she even got to film with two of them, always fun to do a movie with your friends! Everyone was posing for photos together, laughing, and it was a fantastic night. Look for Lily of the Feast to release later this year!

Posted by: Lisa

09 Apr 2015
Simon Malls
It is always exciting having your image up in a poster or advertisement in the mall, a retailer displaying your work, and seeing the result of a really fun shoot. This time for Adriana though, it wasn't a retailer, but the mall itself! She shot for Simon Malls last year, working with a pretend family, and images have been popping up the past few months online, in malls, and even on billboards! The company owns shopping centers across the country, in Canada, and as far away as Japan, and many have been showcasing her photos whether it be hanging up on walls or displays in the walkway, to advertise the mall and their parent company. Billboards have also been popping up, which is pretty awesome too!

Behind the scenes, Adriana had a great time working with her pretend family, as well as the photographer and crew. The company also released a video showcasing some footage from her shoot, which can be found in the media section. Make sure to keep an eye out the next time you visit your local mall, it may be owned by Simon Malls and you may get to see Adriana's image!

Posted by: Lisa

06 Apr 2015
Good Day Philadelphia
Last fall Adriana and her friends were featured on Good Day Philadelphia! It was for a segment looking at a fashion show happening later that day outside of Macy's, and the girls got to walk the runway to show viewers what to expect later on in the day. They got to talk with the host on live television, all while showing off some fabulous outfits by Pretty Pretty Rebel. If you don't live in the Philly area and missed it, don't worry, as a copy of it can now be found in the media section!

In addition to the clip of the segment, some behind the scenes shots have been added to the gallery as well. Adriana had so much fun with Paige and Mia, thank-you to Mia's family for the group shots!

You may notice a different name attached to this update, I have taken over running Adriana's site from Katie. Some of you may remember me from her previous website a couple of years back. Look for lots of updates coming over the next little bit.

Posted by: Lisa

13 Jan 2015
Next Direct UK

I hope that 2015 has already been a great year for everyone! 2014 was a VERY busy year for Adriana, and I'm excited to see what this year has in store for her!

Today's update features Adriana's shoot for Next Direct UK! She has dazzled the fall line and spring line. In the photos for the fall line, she looks comfortable and cozy, yet she is also fashionable and staying warm. The spring photos make us all get very anxious for spring to be here! She is full of smiles as she poses in spring fashion. The pictures just reflect how much fun Adriana has on the set of each job that she does!

Posted by: Katie

18 Nov 2014
As the cold November air settled in this Monday morning, there was one very happy girl waking up to celebrate this special day! That's right, Adriana is now NINE YEARS OLD! In the nine years of her life, she has accomplished so much, from television to print to commercials to runway and now to film! She also makes time to fit in some of her other favorite hobbies. But no matter what she's doing, she always has a smile on her face and is enjoying life and every moment that it brings!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIANA!!!! I hope that your day was absolutely wonderful and that you were able to spend it with family and friends, and doing everything that you wanted to do on your special day!

To continue the birthday celebration, I have a set of pictures from when Adriana walked in petitePARADE last month. She walked for RUUM, and her black/white/silver dress is so pretty! She looked all dressed up and looked like she was having a great time! She is such a great help to her younger friends walking with her, too! It's always such a treat to be able to see Adriana in action doing something that she loves!

Posted by: Katie

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