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26 Apr 2020
Sophia Pavlatos
There is nothing better than the beach, ice cream, and friends on a hot summer day and last year Adriana did a series of lifestyle type shoots with Sophia Pavlatos and Glam Spot Global! The first captured Adri and her friends as they had one of the best beach days ever. From the arcade to enjoying ice cream on the boardwalk the camera followed this tight knit group capturing several fun and fabulous images. They shot in several locations including down on the dock, the sandy beach, on a jeep and on a boat, talk about making the most of the day. All of the fantastic photos can be found in the gallery!

Adri and her friends had an incredible time working with Sophia and Glam Spot Global and there was a whole lot of fun to be had behind the scenes. The girls loved being driven around in the jeep, and who doesn't love a chance to enjoy some ice cream! A lot of memories were made that day and thank you to everyone involved, hopefully one day soon everyone will be able to get together and do another exciting shoot!

Posted by: Lisa

12 Apr 2020
Chick NYC
Back when Adriana and her friends were in Italy on the trip of a lifetime with Fashion Passport one of the shoots she took part in was for Chick NYC! Wearing a piece from their upcoming collection she posed on the city streets doing solo shots and working alongside one of her friends. The images came out fabulously and Adriana loves their collection of stylish apparel. She has been thrilled to work for the company on multiple occasions now and check out this shoot all the way from Italy in the gallery!

Posted by: Lisa

31 Mar 2020
Fashion Passport
Fashion Passport offers adventure, style, memories to last a lifetime and Adriana is proud to be involved with many of their projects. Not only has she traveled the world with them, but she also modeled some of the apparel that they had available in their store on their website! With their "Seek Adventure" arrow design she sported shirts and hats, all while having fun in studio with friends who were also present for the shoot. Images have been added to the gallery and make sure you're following Adri on all social media platforms!

Posted by: Lisa

22 Mar 2020
Souls Imagined
Adriana always loves working with Stacy Gallizzi of Souls Imagined Photography! There is always a special element of working with someone who has known you since you pretty much first started out in this business and last year they did multiple shoots together in studio. From athletic wear to creative group shots and comfy coats it was always a fun time in front of the lens and the photos are stunning! Make sure to view the images in the gallery and thank you Stacy for always providing an exciting experience when working together!

Posted by: Lisa

08 Mar 2020
Fashion Passport
Fashion Passport has been quite the adventure for Adriana! From Alaska to Italy she has shot with multiple photographers and worked with many people behind the scenes to bring this incredible shoots to life. The gallery has been updated with three more photoshoots with the first being a shot from working with Thomas Dodd. He did a fine art portrait session with a group of the fashion models and it's like a fun trip back in time to see it come together.

Next up on the global journey is a shoot in New Jersey at an arcade! Skee-ball, loud bells, tickets, and throwing balls were all apart of this fun session with a group of friends. Complete with a more edgy look the images came out fabulously and of course lots of games were played before and after being in front of the camera as everyone tried to get tickets for prizes!

Lastly, this global update takes us all the way to the beautiful country of Italy. What a dream come true to go across the world to the Amalfi Coast and the experience was one Adriana will always remember. The architecture, blue waters, history, and a gorgeous gown brought this photoshoot together and several images were captured as Adri posed with friends and did a solo session. Behind the scenes images from their shoot together have also been added to the gallery.

Fashion Passport has been quite the amazing experience and thank you to everyone who has made it possible for Adriana and all the models to have these experiences of a lifetime!

Posted by: Lisa

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